Artromedical organizes the Arthroscopic and Mini invasive Hip Surgery Symposium – Bialowieza 2011

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The first in Poland complex training course in arthroscopic and mini invasive hip surgery was held from September 29th to October 1st, 2011. The main part of the conference was live surgeries. The main aim was to present surgeries from the point of view of orthopaedists who preform plasties and classic surgeries. We had the honour to have as guests:

  • M. Ribas, MD – the head of Hip Surgery Department, Dexeus University, Barcelona (find out more),
  • G. Gebhart, MD – the chairman of the Austrian Hip Arthroscopy Association.

The operative training course, workhops and lectures in the Bialowieza National Park Centre were well received by over 500 participants.
It was decided to organize the course again in broadened version due to fruitful exchange of experience, new acquaintances and unforgettable moments.

We've decided to organize the next meeting in September of 2013, as mini invasive techinques in hip surgery develop fast. Detailed information about the symposium and possible presentation of own experience and knowledge will soon be run on our websites
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