Before surgery

This kind of rehabilitation aims at optimal preparing patients for the procedures. This procedure includes:


1. getting to know and learning about:

  • respective stages of treatment, 
  • exercises that prepare the area for the surgery,
  • methods of protection and rest for tissues after a surgery, eg. walking with crutches, positioning the limb at night, using orthoses and stabilizers,
  • exercises done in the early stage after the surgery,
  • the rules of using cold. 

2.  physical preparation of the area:

  • reducing the inflammatory state (swelling and pain),
  • regaining achievable range of motion,
  • regaining achievable strength and muscle control through properly chosen exercises,
  • improvement of the static and dynamic function of the treated limb.
  • Find out more about the post traumatic management

Find out more about the post traumatic management

Written by: Michal Kabzinski