Ankle joint - Treatment

The spraining of the ankle cannot be left untreated. It should be treated depending on the degree of tissue damage. This is how we treat it:

  1. the first degree – relative immobilization from 10 to 14 days, elastic band, neoprene cast or simply high (above the ankle) shoe, cooling, physiotherapy stimulating healing (magnetic field, laser) and gradual regaining of muscle balance, proprioception and sensomotorics. Back to doing sports – no sooner than after 6 weeks.
  2. the second degree – absolute immobilization, strong stabilizer or even "soft cast" for about 3 weeks, then stabilizer for another 6 to 12 weeks. Physiotherapy and physical therapy. Regaining proprioception and sensomotorics is needed. Back to doing sports – no sooner than after 8 weeks.
  3. the third degree – urgent surgery, repair of damaged ligaments with strengthening them if necessary. If there's no surgery – absolute immobilization up to 6 weeks. Then 4 weeks of "soft cast" and stabilizer for further 12 weeks. Non-weight bearing in the immobilization for even 3 weeks.

Doing sports is not allowed after 2 weeks from injury, even if it's the first degree injury. The ligamentous tissue is not able to heal in such a short time. Basic healing connected with scarring and growing collagen into the scar lasts about 6 weeks. Regaining proprioception and stability of the leg takes even more time.

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Written by: Konrad Malinowski