Management after sewing medial structures and lateral patellar release due to instability, dislocation and excessive lateral patellar compression syndrome

After the surgery: leg straight for 48 hours. If swelling continues up to 14 days or longer – cooling (ice through a towel four times a day for 20 minutes).

Stabilizing dressing: Up to 14th day after the surgery keep two bandages on the lateral side of the patella (right next to the edge) to push the patella to the middle (towards the other knee). After 14 days up to 6 weeks use 1 bandage in the same way.

Sutures removal: in the 10th - 14th day after the surgery. Please call right after the surgery to register at the clinic.

Exercises: Flex the knee gradually to the 90° angle. Reach the 90° angle 6 weeks after the surgery. Do not flex the knee more until the check-up. Flex until you feel pain and pulling sensation at the medial side of the patella. Exericse in the stabilizing dressing. Isometric (without movement) stretching of the quadriceps and raising the straight leg. The intensity of exercises is set by pain and swelling.
CAUTION! In most cases the quadriceps is excluded from exercises for up to 14 days. Nonetheless try to stimulate it by patting, massaging or electrostimulation.
Raise the straight leg as often as you can, both in sitting and lying position.

Weight bearing: with crutches from the day after the surgery, but pain and swelling set the time and degree of walking. At first walk with your leg straight. Use crutches for minimum 2-3 weeks. Leave the crutches behind when the quadriceps muscle strengthens.
At the swimming pool keep your legs straight (don't do the breaststroke) – from the 4th-5th week (be careful, the floor is slippery). Use the stationary cycle at the 7th – 8th week, when you reach the 110° angle).
Go back to doing sports after about 3 months, when the muscles strengthen and the proprioception is proper.


Written by: Konrad Malinowski