Management after operating treatment of recurrent dislocation of peroneal muscles tendons

Plastic splint for up to 10 days after surgery, then a pneumatic shoe.
From the 14th day:

gradual full weight bearing (in a shoe), reaching the pain barrier is possible
delicate movements of the dorsal and plantar flexion.

FORBIDDEN up to 6 weeks:
plantar flexion – foot down – more than 20 degrees
lateral foot movements (especially like those in spraining).

From the 6th week:
- ordinary stabilizer – gradual change for 14 days
- training cycle whilst in a stabilizer or an orbitec (within pain tolerance).

8th-10th weeks – gradually introduce trotting and running.

From the 12th week, if everything is ok., running around the eight shaped tract, gradually decreasing its size.

Written by: Konrad Malinowski