Management after MCL and LCL reconstruction

Management after MCL (medial collateral ligament) and LCL (lateral collateral ligament) reconstruction.

BANDAGES - The bandages must be changed every two days (by the patient or a nurse). Use sterile dressing (to be bought in a pharmacy). Put the bandages the way the surgeon recommended.
SUTURES - sutures removal 10-14 days after the surgery. Please call the clinic at +48 515563502 as soon after the surgery as possible to make an appointment.
WALKING – walking with the crutches and in a stabilizer – straight cast starting up to the 14th day after the surgery, when the sutures are removed. Up to 6 weeks after the surgery use the stabilizer to walk. We take it off when we're sitting, sleeping, exercising or lying. We try to walk in a stabilizer without crutches starting from the 4th week, if it doesn't cause pain. An insertion or shoe instep on the inside/outside, depending on the reconstructed ligament, are recommended (this will all be said during the check-up after 14 days).
COOLING – during the first three days after the surgery cool the limb 5 times a day for 20 minutes (put the ice on the bandages); later, until the swelling wears off, cool it 4 times a day through a towel.
EXERCISESvery important after this kind of surgery – the first rehabilitation appointment should be 14 days after the surgery. The rehabilitation should be done in a clinic advised by the operating physician. On your own – try flexing the limb while sitting, try raising the leg or straightening it (put the pillow under the foot). Consult every exercise with the attending physician or your physiotherapist.
DRUGS – painkillers – if necessary; antithrombotic drugs – every 24 hours until the attending physician stops administering them; antibiotics – please take the whole prescribed quantity.
MULTISTAGE SURGERIES – another stage of the surgery is performed after about 8 weeks. the condition for it to be done is a 120° flexion and full extension in the knee.

Written by:Konrad Malinowski