Exercises after treatment of the patellar tendonitis – level 1

Management after treatment of the patella tendonitis (jumper's knee) and the quadriceps aponeurositis; level 1 – stretching

After growth factors injection we put on and keep immobilization (stabilizer, plaster cast immobilizing one joint only) for 2-3 weeks. Non weight bearing and walking with crutches for at least 72 hours.

We start stretching exercises no sooner than 72 hours after the injection.

We do the exercises every day for 2 weeks. When pain ailments wear off, we proceed to level 2 exercises.

Stretching of the quadriceps muscle and the patella ligament in the lying position on the stomach.


To passively stretch the quadriceps and improve its elasticity.

Start position


Rozciągnięcie bierne mięśnia czworogłowego - 1


Lay on your stomach with the treated leg flexed in the knee joint. Hold the foot with the same side hand.



Rozciągnięcie bierne mięśnia czworogłowego - 2



Slowly and delicately pull your foot with the hand towards the buttock to the point of pain barrier. This will stretch the treated structures.


Hold the maximum stretch for 20 seconds. Repeat 10 times.


Try to pull the foot not only towards the buttock but also up towards the ceiling, which increases stretching. Don't go over the pain barrier.


Rozciągnięcie bierne mięśnia czworogłowego - 3