Preoperative preparations Artromedical, MegaMed, MML, Ortopedicum

Where and when to report

Please report on the day of the planned surgery in one of the following:

If the surgery is private, the payment is to be made on the day of the surgery in the cash desk in one of the above clinics, according to the price list. The patient receives the invoice at once.

Please take


Test results needed for surgery

  1. blood type and Rh factor
  2. HBs Ag (hepatitis immunity) or an insurance card that you've been vaccinated against type B hepatitis
  3. blood count
  4. Na; K; glucose level
  5. coagulation (APTT,INR)
  6. urea and creatinine
  7. urinalysis
  8. There's a possibility of bacterial focus in the organism. That's why you're required to have a comp oral panoramic done and to have a dental check-up to exclude the existence of inflammatory processes.

If the patient is over 40 or suffres from any additional disease (i.e. diabetes or hypertension)

are required.

Lab tests need to be done a week before the surgery at the earliest. Hepatitis tests can be done earlier, they're valid for a few months.
Please bring a prescription for antithrombotic drugs, either from your general practiotioner or orthopaedist.
Patient needs to apply him/herself the antithrombotic drug (i.e. Clexane 0,04 or Fraxiparin 0,4 ml) at 8 p.m on the day before the surgery.



See Post operative management after joint arthroscopy on

Any other information will be passed by a doctor.

If you have any questions please call doctor Malinowski's assistant at +48 509 513 810.